Casino Themed Movies

A world that is filled with intrigue and excitement is gambling world. Online casinos such as the casino comparison website, casinouzmani gets more visitors than most other niches, however where Hollywood is concerned traditional casinos make for some of the world’s most successful films.

The hustle and bustle surrounding casinos attracts some of the most acclaimed Hollywood stars. Whether it is the convoluted plot lines, risk-taking natures of characters, or thrill of the game, it is a fact that casino themed movies attract worldwide attentions. Some of the most memorable and outstanding casino themed movies of all time include some of the following.

Casino Royale in 2006 is the James Bond movie with Daniel Craig who brought forth the glamor of casinos. It is a must watch film for Bond lovers gamblers and especially poker players.
Casino, which was released in 1995, might be the most memorable of all casino movies with its all-star cast, which included Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone.

Rounders, which was released in 1998 with Matt Damon and Edward Norton, is another one of the very best casino movies of all time and predominantly the world of poker.

Ocean’s Eleven that was released in 2001 should actually also be at the top, but with the amount of excellent casino movies released through the years it is not fair to number any as each are great in its own right. The magnificent cast, which included George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, and Julia Roberts, portrayed the seedier side of casinos with the elaborate casino robberies.

Maverick that was released in 1994 with great names such as James Garner, Mel Gibson, and Jodie Foster is another perfect movie portraying Western classics and the intrigue of the poker world and casinos.