Star Wars: High Expectations

Star wars fans await with great trepidation for the next instalment of the incredibly popular franchise. It is an emotionally tough period for all fans since the first movie in the 1970’s. The re-releases in the 1990’s was met with incredible joy and high expectations and no one was ever left disappointed.

Even though the movies were updated, the most of the changes did not really detract from the original movies. Although many will argue, especially die-harder’s who saw the real originals and agree that prequels are never a match for originals.

Nobody can say that the storylines are bad; however, the execution is kind of a letdown. That being said is it a warning to fans that with the latest instalment should they not expect an “Empire Strikes Back”. What they should expect at least is that they would be viewing a great seven out of ten movie, which would be great viewing and compliments the legacy of the original film. However, it is not expected to be earth shattering or groundbreaking.

If fans go into number seven with lower expectation then they would probably not be disappointed with the eighth and ninth installments of the franchise. What fans should also remember is that trailers are something that never depict the true essence of a movie. It is in no means any indication of how good or bad a movie can possibly be or not be. Some of the prequel movies had incredibly exciting trailers therefor were the movies a letdown of epic proportion.

The trailer points to the fact that this movie might be very cool, with the favorites such as Han Solo, back, Millennium Falcon with the TIE Fighters. We can just hope that the high expectations will indeed be true and wow fans around the world.