The Fast and the Furious Number Eight on the Cards

This action, drama, romance, crime, thriller, adventure needs no introduction! It is one of the very few franchises that could cover nearly all genres with ease. Brilliantly centered on heists and illegal street racing, it touches the hardest hard and pump adrenalin junkies with unknown quantities of fun-filled fuel. It features an impressive cast with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, Jason Statham, Lucas Black, Eva Mendes and many, many more.

Simply looking at these stars, you should recognize that it is one of the top franchises of all time. Sadly one of the main cast members, Paul Walker who played former FBI agent gone rogue, Brian O’Conner passed away in a tragic accident during the shooting of the seventh Fast and Furious. You do not need a wrap-up about the Fast and the Furious as there should not be a person on the planet who does not know about it even if they are not one of the adoring fans.

What is news however is that after the death of Paul Walker who was one of the most influential factors contributing to the franchise’s success, and died during the last parts of shooting number seven, number eight is on the cards, without one of its main players? Now doubt are arising to the potential success of Fast and Furious no 8, could it carry on without Paul Walker.

Make no mistake that it is not something that Vin Diesel would do lightly, he apart from the fact of being co-main player with Paul Walker was his best friend. Vin Diesel wants the franchise to continue as it is something that Paul would have wanted and expected, even if it was without him! The wish for the next Fast and Furious is for Rob Cohen to direct Fast 8 as he was the one who formed the initial team of the first Fast and Furious.