The Lord of the Rings, What Is Next?

That J.R.R. Tolkien is a master is no one can deny, however what neither he nor film producers could imagine is just how far this would go. What this is, is no joke nor mistake as The Lord of the Rings is one of the best books and the movies ever produced. It is not easy to say, some might agree, and others disagree that it might very well be one of the greatest fantasies of all time. Could it be better than Harry Potter or Star Wars? These lengthy novels could have been made into more than its trilogy, however Peter Jackson initially thought two would do the trick, however as we know , he made three, which could easily have been six or more.

The hobbit, which was in fact an extension and part of the Lord of the Rings, was something that Peter Jackson did not wish to do and although he never stated any reasons, Guillermo Del Toro directed Hobbit. It is many yea since the last of the Lord of the Rings have been released and won countless Awards. However, critics, fans and everyone in-between feel that there is an incredible amount of exploring to do surrounding this initial first trilogy of Lord of the Rings.

The Hobbit had all the best and extraordinary visual cinematography as Lord of the Rings, with same characters used as in the first although it the hobbit did not do near as well as even the first Lord of the Rings. Movie critics and fans felt that where the Lord of the Rings had serious authenticity to it, the Hobbit was produced simply to make money. On the other hand are a few more questions and that is that these are not the only stories written by Tolkien, and that there are indeed more that Hollywood could get their hands on. Similar storyline as the previous, written by Tolkien are what we can look forward to.